Planning is half the fun, right? Well, it is until you run into the ‘glitches’.  Just over a year after our first trip to Eleuthera, a little slice of paradise, we have decided to plan a big trip with our family in June!

After a significant amount of time searching for the right property for 9 adults, we decided on what appears to be an ideal spot.  Pau Pau Beach Estate is on the Caribbean side of the Island and we thought being right on the Beach would make for an incredible vacation.  I could picture us sitting around the firepit on the beIMG_8578ach (after spraying for no-seeums of course), enjoying the sunrise, the sunset, the rum bubbas.

But, when I confirmed with the agent we were ready to commit, I was told he made a “mistake” and the rate was significantly higher than he had quoted…a mistake that would cost almost $1,000 given the exchange rate right now.

So, right now I take a deep breath, wait to hear back from the agent on whether he can give us the originally quoted price and follow up with our second choice.

Don’t get me wrong, our second choice is Shangri-La a lovely home on the Atlantic side with a separate cottage.  But there are no Ocean views from the home and it’s a 2 minute walk to the Beach.  Would anyone really mind?  I doubt it.  Am I putting too much pressure on myself? Likely.  It’s tough to plan for a big group of people…we are Empty Nesters, after all!