We created our Blog in June 0f 2014, in anticipation of taking you along on our travels with us.  Have we traveled? Absolutely – together as a couple, with our family, and with my mom. Have we written? Well, that hasn’t been so successful.

I have learned that, as well intentioned as we might be, travel writing isn’t easy – it takes time and planning. During our travels, we have to make time every day (or second or third day) to reflect, to organize our thoughts, to write it down.

But this, in general, is life, isn’t it? Life gets busy. And we need to take the time to reflect, to organize our thoughts and to write it down.

So, as I sit here this morning, reflecting on our travels over the last year (and a bit) and my own journey as I spend the week away from my family, I realize that the Empty Nest takes on many forms. And, for us, while our home has a couple less occupants on a regular basis, our nest is far from empty. And, surprisingly, our children still like to travel with us so we actually rarely travel alone.  But, at the same time, we enjoy traveling alone. After 30 years, we still enjoy each other’s company…how cool is that!?!? (yeah, yeah, I used the word “cool” and completely aged myself – I’m good with that).

So, we are going to play a game of catch up.  We might miss a few weekend getaways but I invite you to join us in reflection over the next few weeks/months as we look back on our travels. We will take you from the Bahamas to the South of France and we will take you with us as we plan our next trip. We are still not sure where and when it will be but the planning starts this weekend….and the planning is part of the fun, isn’t it!?!?

Through the window2

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.”
~ Charles Dudley Warner